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Last updated: July 7, 2020

I rent my VPS/vServer at Contabo and I pay only 8.99 EUR per month. This server has 16 GB of RAM, 400 GB of SSD storage and a 6-core Intel Xeon processor. A big advantage over other hosters is that the server is virtualized using KVM, so you have your own guaranteed resources, you can even change the kernel and you can do everything you could do on a real dedicated root server. Basically, it's almost like a dedicated root server.

I have this server from Contabo for more than 7 years now and can absolutely recommend Contabo to everyone, since the price-performance ratio is very good, the server runs stable and I think that 8.99 EUR per month is very cheap, especially for this hardware, the KVM virtualization and the very good and fast customer support.

Yes, I check all my text tutorials that I publish on my website regularly and update them if necessary. This ensures that all my tutorials are always up to date - including the screenshots and external links. So, you should have no problems following my tutorials. You can always find the date of the last check and update in the upper part of the tutorials.

I'm very happy if you link my tutorials on your website or forum, but you are not allowed to copy them, because I write all these instructions completely by myself and it's a lot of work to write these tutorials and keep them always up to date. I also publish and maintain/update these tutorials in both German and English, which results in even more work.

If you find one or more of my tutorials on another website, I would appreciate it if you could inform me using my contact form. Thank you!

Yes, I program all my websites and web applications myself and I don't use a CMS for this. One of the advantages of self-developed software is, of course, that you can customize it to your own needs. In addition, you don't have to use existing components that you actually don't even need or whose functionality is sometimes unnecessarily complex. You program exactly what you need.

For all the websites and applications that I develop, I always make sure to do everything as dynamically as possible to avoid unnecessary redundancy and to be able to easily add new features later on. For example, I always use language files in my web interfaces, in which all texts displayed in this web interface can be changed in one place. It's also important to me that all web requests (e.g., to send form data) will be executed asynchronous (using Ajax), so the website will not reload every time data is loaded, sent or processed.

No, I only offer help regarding my text instructions in written form by e-mail and I am happy to answer questions there. Please use my contact form on my website. A big advantage of written communication by e-mail is that I can follow the entire mail history at any time and it also allows me to better organize the handling of requests.